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Changwon Park

Hello! and thank you for visiting my website!
I would like to talk about my self if you are interested. I was born in Colombia, Bogota from Korean parents. I was raised in Colombia for about eleven years and moved to South Korea, and lived there for about five years. After that, I came back to Colombia, and continue my studies attending in a bilingual High School.I transfered to United States to attend High School, and learn in depth about english and american culture. As I continue studying I noticed the possibilities of jobs that I might be able to be privileged to expierence. However, since I am still an foreign student, It may be harder for me than the citizens to get a job. Nevertheless, I am still attending Keiser University to get a degree, and study what I want. Even though, I applied first in the medical field since I am interested in techonology and enjoy helping people, I still am studying for the same purpose In AS-IT or Associates in Information Technology.

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